I would like to say how grateful I am that you suggested I try the special insoles to see whether they would alleviate the pain around my right big toe joint. This pain had been worsening over the years and in recent months, even my “comfortable” shoes were not allowing me to walk pain-free. I was getting quite scared that I would be greatly incapacitated. The insoles have changed my life – with immediate effect. As soon as I started using them, I stopped experiencing pain in my toe joint. Not only that, the back and shoulder pain I had been experiencing, which you connected possibly to my feet, has disappeared. I know my posture is more balanced and I walk more steadily and in a more relaxed way. It is miraculous that two pieces of orthotics could make such a material difference to me, but they have. Thank you so much.

Mrs V Motherby

I have been coming to see Tessa for many years. I come every 8 weeks. Tessa is excellent and very informative, and I always leave with a feeling of wellbeing. I am very satisfied with all aspects of my treatment. I am full of praise for the practice

Mrs. J Scotland

Bliss! Utter bliss! My feet felt truly rejuvenated after 30 minutes in your care. An incredible feeling at 9 months of pregnancy! Thank you.

Miss D Allinson

We are open

As a health care clinic, Springhead Chiropody and Podiatry will remain open.
We already have coronavirus safety protocols in place.  We have all the PPE we need.  We are well practiced and our main priority is to keep our patients safe.
If you are due an appointment please still attend if you are well and able to do so.
Thank you and see you soon.
Tessa & Fiona