Foot health is especially important for people who have diabetes. It’s important to know how to take care of your feet and when to get professional help.

Having diabetes can limit the blood supply to your feet and may then cause a loss of feeling. Because of this you will find that any foot injuries will not heal as well  The lack of feeling means you may not even notice if your foot is sore or injured.

It`s very important that :

  • That you keep your feet clean and free from infection, and that your shoes fit well and do not squeeze or rub.
  • Although tempting, don’t ever walk barefoot, especially in the garden or on the beach on holidays
  • Don`t be tempted to treat your own feet  a simple nick to the skin whilst cutting your toe nails can have severe consequences.
  • ulcers should be treated as a matter of urgency within 24 hours, especially if there is redness or swelling around the area, or in an area where you’ve previously been warned to seek immediate attention
  • You should always seek professional treatment from your  GP or podiatrist if blisters or injuries do not heal quickly

Seek medical attention immediately if:

  • You see breaks in the skin of your foot, or a discharge
  • The skin changes colour and becomes either redder, bluer, paler or darker over part or all of the foot
  • You notice extra swelling in your feet where there was a blister or injury

We are open

As a health care clinic, Springhead Chiropody and Podiatry will remain open.
We already have coronavirus safety protocols in place.  We have all the PPE we need.  We are well practiced and our main priority is to keep our patients safe.
If you are due an appointment please still attend if you are well and able to do so.
Thank you and see you soon.
Tessa & Fiona